Job alert: Senior Developer Nebulr

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About Nebulr

Nebulr is a technology company that provides stellar digital products to businesses. We are entrepreneurs and skilled doers with a commitment to make innovative technology easy to use for everyone.

We love what we do and we want to use that energy to leave the world better than we found it and make a difference in everyone’s lives.

Our idea is to build 5 digital B2B services in 2 years. With a “don’t repeat yourself” approach, not just for tech but in all other business areas and operations we hope to speed things up so we can test all the cool ideas we have! Typically we aim that each product:

    • Will be ready for the market in 6 months.

    • Can be self sustainable in 18 months.

    • Can be used by all types of businesses.

So far we’ve launched our first two products to the market: Northwhistle and Nblocks.

A third one is in the making.

Join our team

As a Senior developer at Nebulr you will work close to the CTO, Head of product and founding team in a tight and quick organization where we believe in supporting and learning from each other. You will be involved in developing our products, do R&D projects and participating in the product planning.

Apply if you some of the points below appeals to you:

    • Kind people are our kind of people. We’re strong believers in the power of a team where everyone can be their genuine selves. We aim to offer a safe space to speak your mind, question old conventions, and grow.

    • Shoot for the stars. We believe no ideas are too big. Innovation is the name of our game and we push ourselves and our envelope out of the box every day.

    • Openness. We believe staying curious and seeking new perspectives is one of the pillars of growth and innovation.

    • Design is hot stuff, since you will be using design as your primary tool for problem solving and making our products better.

    • Want a better tomorrow, since we aim to leave the world a bit better than we found it treating each other the same way during our journey.

    • The terminal is your best friend. We use mostly *nix based environments. You will use the terminal a lot. You do not need to know all commands and tricks from day 1 bt you have a willingness to learn

    • You do not mind working with any programming language or framework, as long as there is an interesting problem to solve.

    • You like to work with very challenging problems but also help out the team with bugfixes and that final polish that makes everything sparkle.

We think curiosity, drive and the right personality to fit in our team is key! Experience in a specific programming language and framework will probably make you feel comfortable but can always be learned as you go, so don’t let them stop you from saying hello! 

We’re taking applications as we go so go ahead and get in touch now!

About our tech

We look forward to use tech to innovate a lot. We’ve started off with product ideas that are more characterised as low hanging fruit to to warm up, get traction and attract a user base that we can grow with. We build both software for the products but also reusable micro services that are shared across the products.

Our source code and development environment are put into docker containers to make it easy and flexible for anyone to pull the code and start working. Our CI/CD pipeline builds, lints and tests the code in each branch.

The dev team currently consists of two senior fullstack developers and one dev intern.

When hiring we’re looking for software generalists rather than specialists and people who enjoy the liberty to try out many things and leave a big impact. We hope that we’re building onto something that will be fun and scale well.

Some technologies we use: MongoDB, Typescript, AWS Lambda, NodeJS, NestJS, Angular, React, Flutter, Docker (edited) 

Get in touch with our CTO Oscar to know more and send your application

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