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Internship Programs

If you love new ways of working and learning about tech, we would love to meet you! 🌟

Do you strive for your passion, embrace your qualities, have an open mind, and are ready to bring them to the next level?
Then we are looking for you!
We’re looking for interns with a high drive for learning and growing.
An internship at Nebulr means taking out your full potential. We want it to be as valuable for you as it is for us. We’re a small team whose priorities are a healthy life-work balance and having fun working. We also love dogs, fikas, and candy. Yes, it’s all sweet… and so are you and us!
Working with us means immersing in a small in-house team based on innovation, pushing boundaries, and thinking in solutions and opportunities. We have extended experience in business, product, development, and marketing/PR/design/culture, coming from companies such as Spotify, King, and the likes. 
Our rhythm is fast-paced, where the right move at the right moment is the key to the caving paths of stellar products. All in an environment where having fun, being kind, and working together are the core of a strong team. Each of us has a unique voice and background. Being all together, we form something bigger than the mere sum of each individual. We believe these kinds of synergies create magic! 🪄💫
Is this an arrow straight into your heart? 💘 
Then let you hear!
Nebulr’s departments that are looking for interns are:
  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Product
Fill out the form according to your interests, and feel welcome to express yourself in the content format that best reflects you.
We look forward to reading your ideas, dreams, and goals.
In the meantime, find more of Nebulr’s vibe on the gram and our products. 🍒

Product Design

Nebulr design works in tandem with our dev team. Together we form the core of our product development. We work on all Nebulr’s products which come in at three at the point of writing this, with a plan to increase to five at the end of 2023!


We have a fast and nimble approach to design and product development where we split our time between smaller design tasks for continuous improvement as well as larger and more innovative design challenges to sharpen our products. We keep our ears close to the ground and believe one of the best ways of improving our products is by listening to our users.


Your closest contact at Nebulr would be me, Max. I’m one of Nebulr’s four co-founders and also our Head of product. I split my time between strategy, planning, and hands-on design work, and flicker between Jira, Figma, Slack, and Google Docs faster than you can say Nebulr! I will not expect the same from anyone interested in an internship at Nebulr but it would be nice if you have:


  • An understanding of basic UX and UI concepts 
  • Curiosity and willingness to find and learn new things 
  • A get-it-done problem-solving mentality
  • Previous experience in a design tool such as Figma, Sketch, or similar
  • Contribute to producing design for all our products hands-on!


We’re a part of all products at Nebulr, a small and tight team that works with all things related to concept development, content creation, and project management. We have experience from working with ads agencies within PR, festivals, branding, design, among many other niches within the field.

What you will learn with us: 

  • PR
  • Concept development
  • Project management
  • SoMe
  • Content creation
  • Growth marketing

You will be working closely with everyone on the team depending on what project you are working on. As a growth intern at Nebulr you will work closely with the head of marketing and founding team. With 10+ experience from companies like Spotify & King we’re here to guide and mentor you. Your colleagues will be Katarina and Lune.

You will be involved in forming our different growth strategies as well as hands on in content creation, analytics, ad placements and more. If you like something more, let’s do more of that.

Your work will be used and your ideas will be listened to. We have a range of products and aim for you to dip your toes in all of them during your internship.


Head of Product & Co-founder



Mood Booster

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Content Manager


Is this an arrow straight into your heart? 💘 Let you hear!

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